Is Buckwheat Gluten Free?

Indeed, buckwheat is gluten free. But the reason buckwheat comes under the gluten-free banner may surprise you.

In spite of its name, buckwheat has very little in common with ‘wheat’ at all. Rather, it’s a grain-like seed that falls into the pseudocereal family alongside quinoa and amaranth. What’s more, not only is buckwheat a delicious gluten-free option for many, it’s also very nutritious. For its size buckwheat packs a lot in and is considered one of the most nutritious gluten free options out there. Inside you’ll find a decent amount of fibre, some protein, and a considerable amount of minerals, the most abundant being manganese, copper, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Compared to other pseudocereals - and gluten-containing options like wheat - buckwheat takes the gold when it comes to mineral content. That’s good news for celiac’s or anyone with a gluten intolerance or sensitivity because buckwheat is widely available with a handful of varieties to choose from, including as raw groats, toasted groats, flour, noodles and more.

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orgran buckwheat

Orgran Buckwheat O's

Convenient, nutritious and delicious; what more could you ask of a breakfast cereal? Made from gluten free wholegrains and protein-rich legumes, Orgran’s O’s provide lasting nourishment. Buckwheat is the star of the show with its impressive nutrition profile. And, like the crown on a champion competitor, a delicious maple flavouring transforms this robust cereal into the shining star of breakfast cereals.

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orgran buckwheat spirals

Orgran Buckwheat Spirals

Gluten free pasta doesn’t have to be bland and beyond nutritional-value. These Buckwheat Spirals from Orgran boast an earthy, slightly nutty flavour and a long list of nutrients that conveniently hold their own agains the boiling pot. With a flavour that pairs with any Italian sauce you can conjure and an al dente texture, these spirals make the perfect pasta dish.

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hulled buckwheat honest to goodness

Honest to Goodness Organic Buckwheat Hulled

Certified organic with every ounce of buckwheat’s famed nutrients, these hulled buckwheat groats are as honestly good. The ultimate gluten-free pantry staple, these groats are high in nutrition and provide a satisfying crunch when eaten raw, act as a deliciously nutty rice substitute, and deliver a unique flavour when sprouted and used in salads.

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raw buckwheat

The Bulk Food Source - Organic Raw Buckwheat

Mill them for an easy gluten-free flour, make a warming gluten free porridge or whiz into your morning smoothie; however you enjoy them, these premium-quality organic raw buckwheat groats are the gluten-free super grain you didn’t know you’d been searching for. GMO and preservative free, they’re as pure as they come.

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