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Is Cadbury chocolate gluten free?

Made from cacao, real chocolate is naturally gluten free. It’s the additional ingredients and manufacturing process that sees gluten sneak into chocolate bars.

If you love Cadbury chocolate but aren’t sure which, if any, of their chocolates are truly gluten free we may have an answer for you (kind of).

Cadbury is a worldwide brand but that doesn’t mean they manufacture their chocolates the same way in each country. This may be why Cadbury are fairly non-committal when it comes to labelling their chocolates with allergen warnings.

Cadbury chocolate in Australia don't* provide any definitive information around whether or not their chocolates range, or any individual chocolates, are gluten free; nor even a warning that they may contain traces of gluten from manufacturing facilities. The only allergen information available on their website, in Australia, is in relation to nuts. However, according to an article published in Australian Gluten Free Life magazine in 2016, there is one chocolate in the Cadbury chocolate lineup in Australia that is deemed gluten free by way of its ingredients list: Twirl bars.

Meanwhile, this gluten free food blog out of the UK suggests there's a lengthy list of Cadbury chocolates that are gluten free, based on the Cadbury’s United Kingdom website. However, we couldn’t find any definitive gluten free information on the Cadbury UK website to verify the blog's list of gluten free options. Even if the list is correct, the assumption it may only apply to Cadbury’s UK manufactured chocolates is justified.

So the short answer is, no we can't confidently say Cadbury chocolate is gluten free. But if the ingredients list is still the same, and if their manufacturing facilities aren’t at risk of cross contamination, Twirl bars are your best bet for a gluten free Cadbury chocolate bar in Australia. Like all things, though, if you’re unsure it's best not to eat it..


*The information provided on this page was last checked on the 16th February 2022, and may be subject to change in the future. We always recommend you check the label to make sure you have up-to-date information and can make your purchasing decisions accordingly.